Monday, July 23, 2012

Excerpt from new book

The US 7th fleet is sailing in open seas SW midway between Hobart, Tasmania and the South cape of New Zealand.
At dusk 17:00 strange colored lights appear on the horizon. E2C Hawkeyes confirm radar signature of four Naga dragon ships approaching the carrier task group. Shooter Jimmy McCarty on the deck of CV 73 George Washington gives the signal to launch the first of many Super Hornets to engage the foe. Guided Missile Destroyers open fire on the hostile targets. Death rays fired from the side of a Dragon ship strike the lead destroyer leaving a gaping hole below the waterline. Within minutes the destroyer and all hands sink into the sea. Directed missile fire from two destroyers strike the belly of the Dragonship. Death rays shoot from the prow of the Dragonship striking both destroyers. But these ships are protected by Nishi armor below the waterline and deflect the radiation. Warheads detonate inside the hull of the Dragonship, explosions rock the massive structure. It splits in two and the debris falls into the sea. Two other Dragon ships concentrate fire on the bridge of the GW setting fire to the superstructure with bombs exploding on deck. Hornets buzz around the Dragon ships shooting sidewinders and penetrating the hulls. Out of the sea emerges a massive submarine shaped like a manta ray. It hovers between the Dragon ships and the stricken carrier. Laser fire shot forth from the Nishi vessel into the Dragon ships sends them into the graveyard of the sea. The Nishi save the day annihilating the Naga threat and saves the carrier fleet from certain destruction. Hundreds of men and women sacrifice their lives this day to defend their freedom from tyranny. One destroyer sunk, one cruiser heavily damaged, three hornets lost. The carrier is a smoking wreck as fire crews fight the blaze on deck. The Nishi crew helps to fight the fire with water cannons. Luckily the pilots fly to nearby New Zealand to land.

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