Monday, July 23, 2012

Two rival extraterrestrial fleets arrive on Oceanus. One to recruit human emissaries for their galactic empire, exploit the resources and enslave all those who resist. The other to protect the humans who are committed to the welfare of all on Oceanus. Whose side will you join?
The Nagas offer to train any able bodied human the opportunity of a lifetime in exchange for serving the Empire. Naga operatives may offer a lucrative business in a black market dealing cheap deals that the international market has inflated the price. Markets of special interest are bio tech seeds, clones, escort services, petroleum, gems, fashion, medicine and a myriad of products available online. Naga officers recruit young men and women for training as emissaries of the Empire in schools on the home planet. Recruits are privileged to a free cruise on a star ship through the galaxy and a trip to the home planet if selected. Nagas offer the people of Oceanus an alternative to the war torn governments where corruption is rife. Nagas offer the people security in a galactic empire rich in the resources of many solar systems and technology to make your life more exciting and worthwhile. There are no lack of jobs working for the Empire and the pay is stupendous. There is no limit to your genetic potential. To those who say we enslave resistors and exploit them, just look at what your own government does to your people. Resources that are not used go to waste, it is our goal to provide these resources efficiently to the people. With our advanced technology we can deliver what the people need fast and cheap. It only makes sense that if a group of people were to stop this enterprise that the consumers would arrest their actions and imprison the criminals. Wars are a result of backward people who resist change and cause untold harm and death to those whose resources they have denied. Oceanus is on the brink of environmental disaster as a result of the actions of irresponsible criminals. The Nagas have come in your hour of need to turn things around for the better. We need leaders who will forge a path into the new frontier of the stars. So join with us today!
The Nishi have come to Oceanus to protect and rescue the people who will soon be attacked by intergalactic pirates known as the Nagas. We believe that the people of Oceanus should decide for themselves what is best for them. Unfortunately the Nagas will not allow that and will bribe, extort, threaten and murder your representatives to overthrow your governments and enslave your people. The Nagas have come for one purpose: to take the resources of Oceanus by the cheapest means possible and destroy all those who oppose them. They have come with a fleet of star ships and millions of storm troopers to conquer Oceanus. The Nishi fleet have come to stop this invasion in the skies above Oceanus. We offer technical assistance to those governments who oppose the Nagas and we invite any to join the resistance to this evil menace. Together we can defeat the Nagas from ruining your beautiful planet and turning it into a desolate desert. Our messengers will spread the good news to all who will listen. We are not here to take resources from your planet. We are here to protect the people of Oceanus from a hostile force that could overwhelm any armed resistance against them. The Nagas bring war to your people. We bring peace. You decide what you want. The Nagas will give you no choice.

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